Ferromark-Trading Ltd. is mainly involved in processing and marketing of the metallurgical slag, an important by-product of vertically integrated iron and steel technology.

Every year, ironmaking and steelmaking facilities of ISD Dunaferr generate hundreds of thousands of tons of metallurgical slag, which is processed by Ferromark-Halna Ltd. in full compliance with the EU standards and under strict supervision of the ISD Dunaferr quality control.

In 2015, Dunaferr signed long-term framework service contract with Ferromark-Trading Ltd., which outsourced marketing of slag products produced by Ferromark-Halna Ltd.


Metallurgical slag is a major by-product of ironmaking in blast furnaces and steelmaking in oxygen converters.

Slag products are efficient substitutes for mineral rock.

Slag products certified for conformity to relevant regulations are used as a secondary raw material in numerous applications. Slag is a valuable product widely used in manufacturing of construction materials.

Considering its chemical composition and physical properties, blast furnace slag is similar to basalt. It is an artificial rock in possession of valuable properties, which is made from mineral materials, which can be therefore returned back to the environment.

Slag products are used wherever they can replace mineral rock that would be otherwise mined out of the nature. Use of slag products is a substitute for construction materials made of primary minerals, therefore reducing the need for landscape disturbing activities resulting from quarries. Utilization of metallurgical slag is fully in line with the concept of sustainable development.

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